The Artist


Emotionally charged, Tara Catalano uses the forgiving characteristics of acrylics to paint intuitively and to apply a unique layering process. Raw brushstrokes and rich texture are layered to create mystery and depth. Bold use of colors including red, turquoise and Earth tones spring from the canvas atoning viewers toward an inner reverie. Inspired by her innate expression, emotional landscapes and atmospheric blocks of color have become signatures of Tara’s contemporary style. 

To the artist, the creative process is an act of alchemy connected to a journey of self reflection, transformation and empowerment. A journey that honors the present moment while looking forward to manifesting one's true potential. Horizons have become a symbol of this journey which reveal themselves conceptually and artistically in Tara's compositions. Just like where the Earth meets the sky, the subtle lines or breaks in each painting’s design are symbols of a journey toward the artist's sacred place where flesh meets spirit, where the present meets the future and where visions meet their destiny.

"When I realized that painting has less to do with the tangible outcome  and more to do with the energy of the creative process, I started to shift in the most beautiful ways." - Tara

Tara holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Art from Arizona State University where she studied the technical fundamentals of painting and drawing. Years later, she discovered the healing potential of the creative process when painting became her catalyst in rising above dark and heavy moments. The energy of the artist’s internal transcendence unfolds in her collections. Tara's paintings can be found in fine art galleries, gift shops, and yoga studios in Arizona as well as in private collections all around the world.


Art Qwest Gallery, 7609 E Pinnacle Peak, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, (602) 422-9855
Casa de Artistes, 7058 E Main St., Scottsdale, AZ 85251, (480) 423-1777



2021 - Portland on the Park Collection/Artlink - Exhibiting Artist - Phoenix, AZ
2020 - Portland on the Park Collection/Artlink - Exhibiting Artist - Phoenix, AZ
2019 - Art Qwest Fine Art and Custom Framing - Exhibiting Artist - Scottsdale, AZ
2019 - Casa de Artistas Art Gallery - Exhibiting Artist - Scottsdale, AZ
2019 - Sedona Arts Festival - Participating Artist - Sedona, AZ
2019 - Mini Masterpieces - Group Exhibition - Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ
2018 - StorePoint Retail, Artist Residence - Scottsdale, AZ
2018 - StorePoint Retail, Artist Residence - Nashville, TN
2018 - We Believe - Group Exhibition - Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ
2018 - Artist Showcase circuit - Pita Jungle, Phoenix Metropolitan area
2015 - Tiny Works, Tiny Dances - Group Exhibition - Gallery {9}, Phoenix, AZ
2015 - Artist Showcase - Sutra Midtown Yoga Studio, Phoenix, AZ
2015 - Artist Showcase - 180 Degrees Automotive, Phoenix, AZ
2015 - Artist Showcase - Joyful Yoga Studio, Tempe, AZ
2016 - Artist Showcase - Salon D'Shayn, Scottsdale, AZ
2014 - Artist Showcase - Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio, Tempe, AZ
2013 - Meditations - Group Exhibition - Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix, AZ
2012 - New Beginnings - Solo Exhibition - Inspiridor, Chandler AZ

2008 - Go Red for Women - Group Exhibition, Art on Boston, Chandler, AZ


StorePoint Retail 2018 - Scottsdale, AZ and Nashville, TN

Artitalia Group Inc, a Canadian design and manufacturing leader, chose Tara to support and deliver their corporate presentation at two StoreFront Retail conferences. Artitalia's mission statement was "Finding the Art in Everything". Tara's live painting and artistry connected visual aesthetics, movement and emotion to retail design and manufacturing. Her paintings were celebrated and auctioned to select StoreFront Retail participants.


Paintings are held in numerous private collections throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.


Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Digital Art Diploma - The Art Institute, Chandler, AZ