Welcome to Empparel

Hello Friends,

Just recently, Empparel launched into the online world and locally in Phoenix, Arizona. The soft launch kicked off a lot of online sales, fans, and much appreciated attention. I couldn't be more excited about finally finding the right partners and products to showcase my designs. Empparel is a dream come true. 


First, thank you bunches to all the Empparel buyers who are wearing the very first Empparel products. Your purchases were made just for you from a place of empowerment, love, and entrepreneurship.  Thank you to all my friends and family for sharing Empparel and supporting this adventure. Especially my buddy and fellow empowered gal, Jessica. You can catch her enthusiasm and beauty in the Empparel pics on Empparel.com. She was our first model and pioneer for Empparel. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Next, stay tune for more. This is just the beginning.

Through social media, trunk shows, and crazy out reach ideas, I plan on sharing Empparel's story, empowering others to do what they love and selling unique fashions and products that stand out from the current market options.


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