At Pita Jungle in Mesa, AZ where my paintings are showcased throughout the year.

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spiritual journey

One day, something just clicked. I woke up and felt that my dreams needed to be chased. Long story short, post divorce, bankruptcy, and a narcissistic ex husband, I dove heart first into Eastern philosophy, healing modalities, meditation, and self help while getting acquainted with being a single mother and aspiring entrepreneur. My Spiritual Journey paintings reflect this challenging but sacred journey.


While I was suppose to be obediently sitting in my boring gray cubicle doing my corporate job, I was transforming my snarky thoughts into form and color in a sketch book. These little paintings are small in size but come with big attitude. Sketches helped me mentally escape the corporate monotony and single mom dating drama while sitting in my cubicle.

About tARA

Emotionally charged, I am driven to paint those parts of my soul that I sometimes forget to feel. Those sacred corners that come undone from the chaos of everyday life. 

Ya see, the creative process is very medicinal to me. Usually dressed in a veil of anxiety, I show up to my studio to recharge and to, simply put, feel better. A sort of alchemy takes place that turns my anxiety into reflections of those positive corners of my soul. My paintings end up being tangible reflections of my true essence. Through the painting process, I am reminded that life is hard so gentleness and kindness with myself are essential. My only hope is that my paintings reflect back these same positive reflections to my viewers and patrons.

I’m honored to hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Arizona State University where I studied the technical fundamentals associated with painting and drawing. However, the healing potential of the creative process revealed itself when life presented a mixed bag of dark and heavy moments like divorce, depression, rejection, and the ups and downs of single motherhood. Painting became my refuge where I felt a surge of inspiration to change my life. My paintings were reminders that everything was going to be okay.